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In Season Michigan Fruits And Vegetables

Summer is un-officially here, and we wanted to share with you Michigan State University Extension's Food Availability Guide. We're using this guide to plan our Summer menu items to take full advantage of the fresh, local fruits and vegetables when they come in season. Take a look for yourself and see when different fruits and vegetables are in expected to be in season in Michigan in the coming months.  

Memorial Day Weekend Delivery Hours

This weekend we'll be celebrating Memorial Day to honor and remember those who have fallen in service to our country. Our normal Sunday deliveries will be rescheduled to Tuesday May 28th 2019 between 5:30pm and 8:30pm. We're also extending our order deadline this week to Friday May 24th at 3pm. We hope you have a fun and safe weekend grilling, enjoying some time on the water, or doing whatever you love with those you love and enjoy the peace of mind that your Cookd meals will be ready for you when you get back.

Cookd Cooler Bag

With warmer days ahead of us, more of us will be out and around enjoying the nicer weather. We want to make sure you can enjoy your spring and summer without worrying about your Cookd delivery. We're providing all new customers with our new Cookd Cooler Bag to keep your food cool when you're not home.* If you know you won't be home for your scheduled delivery, simply fill the bag with a couple of ice packs or frozen water bottles, and leave the bag on your porch. Our drivers will fill your Cookd Cooler Bag with your orders, and they'll be waiting...

April Announcements

Respecting people’s holiday plans for Easter, orders placed after 3:00pm on Wednesday April 10th will be delivered Monday April 22nd between 6pm and 8pm. Due to kitchen upgrades and maintenance, orders placed after 3:00pm Wednesday April 17th will be delivered Tuesday April 30th between 6pm and 8pm

What is a diet?

Think back to the first time you heard the word “diet”. You were probably young, and had no idea what a “diet” was. Like me, you probably thought it sounded like a pretty awful thing where people couldn’t enjoy all the wonderful food in the world, like candy. As you grew older, you started learning more about the different types of diets and various reasons why people were on them: weight management, food allergies, blood pressure, etc. Flash forward to today, and you’re probably on a diet yourself, for similar reasons. In this post, we’ll breakdown some of the popular...